A touch up to the glamour avenue

Makeup is what extends confidence and beauty to a woman’s gait.

However, the whole point about adding artificial finer touches to enhance one’s beauty is to do it in a way that is not easily visible to the natural eye.

At Starwalker makeup services, we offer a professional approach and individual attention to every client to ensure every customer walks out feeling like a star. Our makeup artist consists of expert professionals in every area of personal care and grooming who are equipped with the latest technology and are educated about the latest trends to transform every lady who seeks our services into a shining diamond like a star in the Milky Way. At Starwalker, we are committed to making heads turn and bringing traffic to a standstill with our bridal makeup services by our bridal makeup artists in Delhi.

bridal makeup artist in delhi

Hair Care

Hair Treatment

Touch Up

Body Polishing

  • Creative Hair Cut

  • Full Color

  • Highlighting / Streaking Inoa

  • Perming

  • Rebonding / Keratin / Smoothening

  • Inoa Color

  • Deep Conditioning

  • Deep Conditioning

  • Hair Spa

  • Renew C

  • Power Dose

  • Mythic Treatment

  • Macadamia Treatment

  • Liner

  • Lipstick

  • Eye Make-Up

  • Base Make-Up

  • Pre Bridal Packages

  • Regular

  • Kiana

  • Remy

  • Oligo

makeup artist in delhi

Bridal Makeup

Face Pack



  • Saree Draping

  • Party Make-up

  • Party Makeup ( High Definition)

  • Party Makeup (Mac)

  • Engagement Makeup

  • Reception Makeup

  • Bridal Makeup

  • Lotus

  • O3+

  • Casmara Pack

  • Remy Laure

  • Eminence

  • Oligodermie

  • Head Massage

  • Oil Massage (Hair Spa Oil)

  • Oil Massage (Mythic)

  • Oil Massage (Macadamia)

  • Body Massage

  • Upper-Lip

  • ForeHead

  • Face Threading

  • Chin